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Traite du Flux et Reflux de la Mer, ou l'on Explique d'une Maniere Nouvelle & Simple, la Nature, les Causes, & les Particlaritez de ce Phenomene; & qui a Remporte le prix au Jugement de l'Academie de Bordeaux, le Premier May 1726.

By: Alexandre (R.P.D.J)

Price: £200.00

Publisher: 1726 (Paris),

Seller ID: 1007

xiv, (viii), 176pp, 6 folding plates, 5pp pubrs cat at end, original fullûcalf showing some wear, contents tight and clean. AJS: An early treatise on tides, with the'Privilege du Roy'leaf present. View more info

Crucible of War The Seven Years' War and the Fate of the Empire in British North America 1754-1766.

By: Anderson (F.)

Price: £25.00

Publisher: 2000,

Seller ID: 3083

xxv + 862pp, 9 maps, 63 illus, dw. AJS: The author is Associate Professor of History at the University ofûColorado. View more info

NRS Vol 86. Journals and Narratives of the Third Dutch War.

By: Anderson (R.C.) Editor.

Price: £45.00

Publisher: 1946,

Seller ID: 3217

(vi), 447pp, original half blue cloth. AJS: No 86 in the series. View more info

British Naval Administration in the Age of Walpole.

By: Baugh (D.A.)

Price: £55.00

Publisher: 1965,

Seller ID: 184

(xvi) + 557pp, 13 illus, pale blue cloth, original dw. AJS: Very useful list of sources, plus detailed index. This is the USûedition, Princeton Univ Press.ûNMM, Cat, Vol 5, Pt 1, entry 1103: A detailed and valuable study.ûOriginally a Cambridge University doctoral thesis (1961) entitled:ûBritish Naval Administration in the War of 1739-1748. (pr‚cis in IHRûBulletin-May 1962).ûRodger: An indispensable book by the leading authority; much wider inûscope than its ti... View more info

Creators and Destroyers of the English Navy as Related by the State Papers Domestic.

By: Berckman (E.)

Price: £16.00

Publisher: 1974,

Seller ID: 748

xii + 212pp, 16 illus, endpaper illus, dw. AJS: A survey of the Navy reviewing the creators ie Elizabeth 1, Charles 1,ûCharles 11..and the destroyers ie James 1, Cromwell View more info

England in the Seven Years' War A Study in Combined Strategy.

By: Corbett (J.S.)

Price: £125.00

Publisher: 1907, 1st ed,

Seller ID: 1492

two volume set, in the larger and more attractive format of the originalûissue, original dark blue cloth (heavy set).û(1) ix + 476pp, 10 maps and plans.û(2) vii + 407pp, 4 maps and plans. NMM Cat, Vol 5, Pt 1, entry 1218: Still the standard authority and aûbrilliant strategic study. Chapters include:- (vol 1): the Frenchûopening - Minorca; the first containing attack - Rochefort; Fleet andûcoastal operations, 1758 - St Malo, Cherbourg, St Cas; Louisbourg, 1758;ûCo... View more info

Drake and the Tudor Navy.

By: Corbett (J.S.)

Price: £125.00

Publisher: 1898,

Seller ID: 1185

attractive two volume work, in handsome original dark blue cloth (heavyûset).û(1) xvi + 436pp, 11 plates, 8 text illus.û(2) viii + 488pp, 14 plates, 6 text illus. NMM, Vol 5, Pt 1, entry 325: A masterly study with important chapters onûthe Portugal Expedition 1589 and Drakes last voyage 1595-96.ûAJS: This is the original large format edition. View more info

The Successors of Drake.

By: Corbett (J.S.) 3rd

Price: £30.00

Publisher: 1900 rp 1968,

Seller ID: 874

xiv + 464pp, 8 illus, 8 maps, brown cloth. NMM Cat, Vol 5, Pt 1, Entry 326: A sequel to the above work (325),ûcovering the years 1596-1603. View more info

Yellow Jack and the Worm. British Naval Administration in the West indies, 1739-1748.

By: Crewe (D.)

Price: £20.00

Publisher: 1993,

Seller ID: 4056

x + 321pp, 11 maps, diag, 10 graphs, 16 tables, stiff paper wrappers. AJS: Between 1739-1742, Britain's major war effort against Spain wasûconcentrated in the Caribbean. This book sets out to examine the problemsûinvolved in operating and administering the overseas naval bases at theûheart of this effort.ûRodger: Not a children's book, as the title might suggest, but a soberûstudy of naval logistics. View more info

Military Transformation and the Defence Industry after Next - The Defense Industrial Implications of Network-Centric Warfare.

By: Dombrowski (P.J.) Gholz (E.) & Ross (A.L.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 2003, Newport,

Seller ID: 8777

viii + 120pp, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. AJS: The defense industrial base and the political and economic realitiesûof the United States. View more info

Evolution of Sea Power Studies of Modern Naval Warfare and the Effect of Evolution on the Basis and Employment of Sea Power.

By: Domville-Fife (C.W.) Editor.

Price: £25.00

Publisher: 1939,

Seller ID: 7378

258pp, frontis, 38 illus, 2 folding charts, attractive blue cloth. Marder: Chapters by various contributors on such large topics as anti-submarine warfare, the capital ship, etc., with many references to the experience of the First War. AJS: The contributors include a galaxy of admirals e.g. Kerr, Usborne, Domville, Harper, Tyrwhitt, as well as other specialists. View more info

The Navy in the War of William III, 1689-1697. Its State and Direction.

By: Ehrman (J.)

Price: £175.00

Publisher: 1953,

Seller ID: 376

xxiii + 710pp, 12 plates, 6 figs, original pale blue cloth. NMM Cat. Vol.5, Pt 1, entry 832: The standard modern authority on theûsubject. Includes a comprehensive bibliography and appendices (tabularûdetails on the English Fleet in December 1688; naval construction 1691-98)ûRodger: Indispensable study of organization, administration and politics.ûWaters: Fully annotated. Full bibliography. Much convoy material. View more info

If the British Fleet had not Moved!

By: Hurd (A.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1915,

Seller ID: 6667

7pp, pictorial paper wrappers. AJS: The Royal Navy's preparedness for war. View more info

German Sea-Power Its Rise, Progress, and Economic Basis.

By: Hurd (A.) & Castle (H.)

Price: £55.00

Publisher: 1913,

Seller ID: 5309

xv + 388pp, 2 folding maps, original original blue cloth, spine a little faded. AJS: With useful appendices: Germany's Shipbuilding Resources; British and German Shipbuilding Programmes; Gun and Torpedo Armament of the British and German Fleets in 1913; Naval Expenditure of Great Britain and Germany 1901-02 to 1913-14. View more info

Sir John Fisher's Naval Revolution.

By: Lambert (N.A.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1999 rp 2002,

Seller ID: 6481

xvi + 410pp, 13 illus, 3 maps, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. Publisher: A thorough understanding of naval policy is essential toûcomprehend the political, economic, and social history of Great Britainûbefore WW1. Lambert's book explains how Great Britain's naval leadersûresponded to the pre-war challenges under the direction of Admiral SirûJohn Fisher, the service head of the Admiralty from 1904-1910. View more info

NRS Vol 115. Policy and Operations in the Mediterranean 1912-1914.

By: Lumby (E.W.R.) Editor.

Price: £30.00

Publisher: 1970,

Seller ID: 1517

xvi + 481pp, frontis, 3 maps, blue cloth. AJS: No 115 in the series. View more info

British Naval Policy 1880-1905 The Anatomy of British Sea Power.

By: Marder (A.J.) UK 1st

Price: £120.00

Publisher: 1940, 1st UK edition,

Seller ID: 587

xix + 580 + xvpp, endpaper maps, attractive blue cloth. Hanham, entry 2864: Indispensable. AJS: Original and best edition. View more info

NRS Vol 116. The Jacobean Commission of Enquiry 1608 and 1618.

By: McGowan (A.P.) Editor.

Price: £30.00

Publisher: 1971,

Seller ID: 2426

xxvii + 319pp, frontis, 2 illus, original blue cloth. AJS: No 116 in the series. View more info

Naval Policy between the Wars.

By: NMM Monograph No 29. Roskill (Capt S.W.)

Price: £8.50

Publisher: 1978,

Seller ID: 7908

iv + 16pp, 14 plates, large format, pictorial paper covers. View more info

What Color Helmet Reforming Security Council Peacekeeping Mandates.

By: Nordquist (M.H.)

Price: £5.00

Publisher: 1997, Newport,

Seller ID: 10469

x + 74pp, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. AJS: Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, Paper Number 12. View more info